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Online Registration:
This allows new patients to register with us online , as registration with the hospital is a prerequisite to have access to our other online products. Registration with the hospital online gives the patient a permanent record with the hospital. The patient can thereafter visit the hospital for healthcare without having to register physically at the hospital.

Patients Medical Vitals:
This allows patients to have their medical vital information available to them at any point and at anywhere in the world. The vital medical information accessible include all hospital BP checks, temperature readings, blood sugar checks, blood group, genotype, previous diagnosis and many more.
With this feature your vital medical information is available to you at any time.

Online Consultation:
Allows you to chat with your doctor from anywhere you are at some specific time of the day. Many of your medical needs would definately be solved via this medium. Consult Online?

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In order to give our patients maximum healthcare serves and medical support, we operate a 24 hours service, we also have the following services and products for our patients.

Specialists Care:
Our team of specialists Doctor are available for your review when needed. We currently offer specialist reviews in Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics and Ophthalmology.

Labouratory Investigations:
We offer in-house labouratory services, We also offer in-house ultrasonography.

Surgical Services:
Facilities for surgeries are also availble for our patients that migth required surgeries

Managed Care Services:
We offer Managed Care services, we have been approved by

  • National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).
  • Clearline HMO.
  • Total Health Trust (THT).
  • Mediplan.

  • Truely Nigerian
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