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To be able to use Oluwayom Hospital online vitals, you need to register with us and subscribe to online medical vitals. If you have done this, input your username and password given to you by us.
Value Range for BMI
Women Men Your Weight Health Risk
BMI Less than 19 BMI Less than 20.5 Underweight -
19.1 to 25.8 20.8 to 26.5 Normal weight Very low risk
25.8 to 27.5 26.5 to 27.8 Slightly overweight Some risk
27.5 to 32.5 27.8 to 31.0 Overweight Moderate risk
32.5 to 44.8 31.0 to 45.5 Severe overweight High risk
Greater than 44.8 Greater than 45.5 Obese Very high risk

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