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No 3, Oyeniwe Street, Olorombo, Basorun Ibadan.




Oluwayomi Hospital is setup to provide qualitative healthcare at a very affordable rate to the Nigerian populace, backed up by appropriate technologies that make healthcare easily accessible, prompt and satisfactory, standing us out among others.

We aim at revolutionizing hospital management by creating a fully automated hospital, were the use of papers in hospital will be a thing of the past and where patients can get medical help at the convenience of their homes and offices.

With Oluwayomi Hospital, Healthcare has never been convenient.

The need to access qualitative healthcare is paramount to living a productive life. It is essential to access healthcare where you can be given this. Though some people have mistakingly chosen a health facility that can not assure this, which may necessitate them change to us. In order to do this, click the link below.

          Change My Health Provider to Oluwayomi Hospital.

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